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Mobile Laser Hair Removal In Hertford

Welcome to Laser On Tour In Hertford

Laser On Tour travels to you to provide the ultimate clinical-grade laser hair removal treatment in the comfort of your own home in Hertford and surrounding areas. Our mission is to deliver outstanding results with fewer treatments from a dedicated LOT practicioner.

Outstanding results with fewer treatments by a specialist in your own home

5 star rating

Rosanna Baker

It’s an understatement when I say how brilliant it is to have someone who comes to the comfort of your home, with your own shower and privacy.

5 star rating

Amy Walker

She’s knowledgeable, on time and has hygiene at the forefront of every treatment.

5 star rating

Dr Sabrina Valentino

I’m only 1 session in to a package and have already seen a vast reduction in hair growth.

Rated 5.0 from 80 reviews on Google*

*as of 31/01/2024

Laser On Tour is the most disruptive franchise in the U.K empowering women

  • Laser On Tour treat you in your own home

    Home visiting

    We come to your home at a time that suits you, including evenings and weekends.

  • Laser On Tour are laser hair removal specialists


    We are experts in laser hair removal and specialise in this treatment.

  • You will be treated by the same practitioner throughtout the entirety of your course of laser hair removal


    The same practitioner treats you every time throughout your course.

  • Laser On Tour come to you, treating you in the privacy and comfort of your own home


    We treat you in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

  • Laser On Tour's laser hair removal process requires fewer treatments saving you money.


    Delivering outstanding results with fewer treatments.

90% reduction after 6 sessions

Say yes to:

  • Silky smooth hairless skin
  • Permanent hair removal
  • Feel empowered, confident and free
  • Virtually pain-free treatment
  • Value for money

Say no to:

  • Endless shaving
  • Rashes and blemishes
  • Ingrown hair
  • Painful waxing
  • Non-permanent solutions

80% reduction after 3 sessions

  • 1

    Free telephone consultation

    We spend 15 mins answering your questions and queries and introducing you to laser hair removal. At this stage we can tell you if you are suitable and if it will work.

  • 2

    Patch test and consultation

    We send you an online medical questionnaire, perform a patch test to check your reaction to the laser, assess your skin and hair type, then recommend a course of treatments suitable for you.

  • 3

    Laser Treatment

    We visit you at home, set up our device in the safest room and spend on average 3 times longer than high street clinics on your treatment to ensure you get the best possible result with less sessions, saving you time energy and money.

Get a free consultation with Laser On Tour's practitioner in Hertford:

Patch Tests:

What to expect:

Do's and Don'ts

Specialists in laser hair removal

Every practitioner at Laser On Tour has been professionally trained by LOT, is level 4 qualified, specialises in laser hair removal and owns their franchise by design. This ensures you have the same qualified owner operator treating you throughout your entire journey. Who is highly motivated to deliver the best results for you.

Your Laser On Tour practitioner isn't just with you during treatments; we communicate with you between sessions about your progress. This ensures we target your hair in the growing phase, which is called Anagen stage. It's the only phase when a laser can destroy the stem cells in a hair follicle optimising the results for our clients. We pride ourselves in spending two to three times longer with our clients over a course of treatments, ultimately achieving outstanding results with less treatments, saving you time, energy and money.

Unlike other clinics who spread their focus across multiple disciplines of skin and beauty, we specialise in Laser Hair Removal making us the unrivalled experts in the field.

We recognise the intimate nature of laser hair removal. By consistently seeing one practitioner throughout the process, you’ll have the opportunity to get to know us better and feel more comfortable in our presence. Moreover, this enables us to optimise your results as we learn what intervals and settings work best for you.

I am proud to say Laser On Tour is the only home visiting laser hair removal franchise in the U.K. Our 5-star reviews don't just highlight the power of our clinical-grade lasers; they speak to the exceptional care and expertise of our practitioners.

Our mission is to exceed our clients expectations, with outstanding results delivering self-love, empowerment and confidence with every treatment. So that you, like so many clients before you, award us a 5 Star Google review.

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